Sunday, 25 May 2014

Wedding thoughts for a rainy day . . .

It’s raining again today.  Our plans have changed as a result.  We were going to go to Bill’s house to get some outdoor work done in preparation for listing it with an agent.  Now we’re turning the day into a “wedding” day.  In other words, shopping (ostensibly for wedding stuff).
The wedding is two months away tomorrow.  I’m not being phased by it yet.  It’s funny how some little things can cause me heaps of anxiety but often the bigger things don’t.  Sometimes I think it’s probably just because I don’t fully comprehend what’s going on.  That’s okay.  The thought satisfies me and I carry on without a care.  I need to learn how to apply this concept to the small things.
I am bowled over by the support we’re getting from family and friends.  The other day, I created a checklist of things we’d already arranged and I was amazed at what friends have already contributed:  venue, wedding invitations, photography sessions, marriage commissioner and the list continues to grow. 
There are still a few things to arrange and we’d better do that soon but I have absolute faith that it will all come together in time.
I like rainy days . . .


  1. Thanks for the update and congratulations on your upcoming wedding. Exciting times!

  2. Love that it's all coming together! AWESOME!!!

    Peace <3

  3. Even the best of weddings rank high on 'stressful events!
    Please keep us posted on the preparations.
    I love - and miss - rainy days too.